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Tips and Tricks
Here are some makeup tips and tricks from Alexis.
If you have makeup tip questions for Alexis, please send them along and check out this section.



Q: Are there any tricks to making eyebrow hairs grow? I have heard of oils, but do not know if it is true or which one to use.

A: Honestly, it depends on having a good metabolism that works super well! You will have a better chance of the hair growing back and in many cases; it will. Younger people have a higher chance of hair growing back, the older we get the harder it is to get it to grow in well or quickly. Furthermore, growth depends on whether or not your eyebrows have been over plucked, waxed, or burned. Sorry I do not have all the answers, as there are many factors that affect growth! However, I do know there are some specific serums to help stimulate growth. I know of one that seems to help many women with these issues. Hope this helps! Note: Go to a great Dermatologist to get the best help and serums.

Love, Alexis
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So sorry for the delay in response....Just got a minute to sit down and process everything! Alexis is the world's TOP make-up artist. She is UNPARALLELED. She takes the standard in glamor and blows it out of the water! I was in such awe of her the whole time she worked with me. Here is this gorgeous glamorous woman imparting her glamor science on me! She was WONDERFUL to work with, encouraging me and coaching me!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for Alexis and her "A-Team" for making my wedding day fantasies come true! I hope you guys enjoyed your stay here in NY and your other project went great! I cannot thank you enough! Mario, your patience and understanding was like no other photographer I've worked with. Thank you for being so wonderful! The pics you guys sent me are off the charts GORGEOUS!!! No other wedding photographer can touch what the "A-Team" does.
Can't wait to hear from you soon!
Ricky (One deliriously happy bride!)



1: Never, use a brow pencil without sharpening it very well!
2: Always, brush your brows before ever sketching them in too!

Both for the same reasons:

You do not want to pull or tug out any hairs ever at all! Keep every brow hair you can! I was in a rush doing my brows the other day and I did not sharpen my pencil enough. A bit of wood was like a hangnail on the head of it and oooopss! There she goes! I tugged one out! That is a pet peeve I have. I need my brow hairs as the older we get the more sparse they become. I wanted to suggest some simple preventative medicine for us all! Hope this helps! I have never done that to anybody but myself!!! LOL! Go figure! Love, Alexis



As a makeup artist, I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a good sunscreen on your face to protect it from premature aging and sun damage. I highly recommend Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 30 that I have been using for years!! This is a non-greasy sunscreen, as you do not want anything greasy on your face or under foundation. Sometimes, I use a light moisturizer first or just a few dots of this depending on the mood of my skin. Because I have combination skin, I do not always need moisturizer under my foundation. This is why I love this SPF so much! Non-Greasy, good ingredients and it works well on my clients too. Love, Alexis
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Large rollers work best for big soft waves!! If you only have a smaller size set of rollers, just section out a larger chunk of hair for each roller. Always twist each section a little bit, spray & then roll. If you do the “twist” it will not get as curly that way! If you do not want it too curly do no spray each section, just mist all over after your hair is set. After you take rollers out- just finger through gently and separate. Turn your head over and toss it about. As you are shaking it, spray it too! I like Sebastian Shaper a lot because it does not dry hard and it will not dry your hair out either!

Regarding Rolling: It is best not to part it all perfectly, just grab sections in different sizes and amounts of hair, with no rhyme or reason. It comes out less beauty pageant and more current with soft, sexy, natural waves. You are now tossled ~ Love, Alexis



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Hey, Alexis!!

You are so thoughtful! I was so happy to see your MUA mail!! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for your help that night! All of your information was so helpful to me. Not only did you solve the problem, you saved me from a heartattack over the situation!! LOL! I have been meaning to write to you for the longest time to thank you. I truly don't know what I would have done if it weren't for your help!

They are starting to grown in, slowly but surely. I can't wait until they are back to normal. I am staying clear from permanent lashes forever! It definitely taught me to stop messing with a good thing.

I adore Leah Rimini! She seems so REAL, not pretentious or anything. It is so refreshing to hear that these celebrities are just as great in person as they appear onTV. Her makeup is phenomenal! She has always been pretty, but you have made her absolutely flawless, perfect! You are a true ARTIST. I've worked with many makeup artists during fashion week, and they pale in comparison, I TRULY MEAN THAT! :-)

How have you been? What else have you been up to? How is your book coming along?!! I can't wait until its published! I will be the first one in line for you book-signing at "Bookends" in Ridgewood, NJ!!!

Marylu :-)

TIPS #5 & #6: EXTRA! TV

Audio Makeup Tips & Secrets #1
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Audio Makeup Tips & Secrets #2: Summer Makeup Secrets
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Dear Alexis,

I cannot adequately thank you for the gifts you gave me today. The makeup is beyond my greatest's just spectacular! And your incredibly articlate way of explaining each step and the "rationale" behind the application of each product was so very helpful.

I was not exaggerating when I said you are NOT simply an amazingly skilled "makeup artist," you are an Artist who unearths and paints a beautiful portrait of the inner woman. It is a huge distinction...

As I shared with you, you've completely revitalized me and brought me back to an emotional place where I felt much better about myself. Truth be told, I'm very self-critical, and you reminded me I can still "rise to the occasion" with a little help!

Isaiah is one of God's noble creatures, and you are clearly blessed to have each other. It's such a privilege and honour to know you both have Humanity, Kindness and Talent, and in THIS town, that's an especially rare combination.

Curiously, it feels as though I've known you for much longer than our lovely time together today, and I hope we will share more lovely times in the future. I'm very, very serious about writing an article, and I think you're 100% right that Oprah's magazine is the PERFECT place to try and position it. Obviously, no one in "the business" has better credentials than you, and visibility in that magazine, in particular, is a guarantee of ramped up sales and extended visibility...not that you need it!

I really am honoured that you did this for me, and I'll do everything within my power to retrun the favour in some small measure. Thank you again for your generosity of Time and Spirit...

Love to you both,




For even greater staying power, use some clear brow gel instead of water, to pat on your choice of Glitz! Swipe some brow gel on the back of your clean hand using the brow gel applicator by twirling it on. Then using your finger tip or clean eye shadow brush, dip into the gel and apply to your lids. Using the same brush, lightly apply your Sparkle/Glitter/Glow dust of choice. You won't get any fall off or particles on your cheeks either. Love this tip-super effective and easy. Love, Alexis



· Make sure to apply your make-up on in front of a good light either near a window to take advantage of natural lighting, or in front of a specially designed makeup light. Most people make the mistake of putting on make-up using normal room lighting. The truth is that when they go outside their make-up does not look the same.

· Put your perfume on before you start your make-up. This will make you feel more sensual and your make-up will reflect this.

· Sit down in front of the mirror for a minute before you start working on your make up and relax by taking a few deep breaths before starting. Allow yourself to have this private time.

· Make sure to blend your base makeup down below your jaw line and into your neck. You should use a make-up sponge to do this and not your fingers. A lot of people make the mistake of not blending, and the result is very unnatural looking.

· Don't be afraid to alter your natural hair type. Play with your hair. Add rollers and curls, change your color, add highlights anything to bring out another side of yourself that may be hidden by the limits that you are putting on your hair. Don't be afraid to play!

LEN - Ark Design & Construction

Hi Alexis,

Coming from you about my hair, it just confirms what Vanessa's been telling for years (about keeping my hair). Vanessa said that you have the best taste, and after meeting you I agree (I always thought that Vanessa had the best taste, now I know where she gets her influences). Thank you so much! Vanessa was on cloud nine, we when out to eat, and everyone was just staring at Vanessa and asking for her autograph. Vanessa replied "I am nobody, however Alexis Vogel just did my make-up"...and you should have seen how the people were going crazy (especially the girls when Vanessa said your name). Vanessa's in town one more day, she will be leaving Sunday morning and she's going shopping tomorrow for your list. Vanessa told her patients she was going to meet Alexis Vogel. Vanessa just walked in, she also said she just loves you and God Bless you (and Vanessa really means GOD BLESS YOU, when she says it!)

Fond Regards,
Ark Design & Construction



More tips to come, so check back!


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