continues to create looks and styles that other makeup artists have never dreamed of. Alexis has worked with them all.

Today's Hottest Celebrities call upon Alexis to create their unforgettable looks. She has been "The Image-Setter" for the past 25 years. Alexis has been doing makeup for television, movies, videos, print, commercials, magazines, name it, she's done it. She has worked with countless celebrities from the top supermodels to the most famous and glamorous of actors and actresses. Many would argue that she's the best in the world. Hollywood bombshells & starlets like Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Lisa Marie Presley, Carmen Electra, Kelly Clarkson, Camille Grammar, Bo Derek, Paula Abdul and the beloved Anna Nicole Smith all raved, "There's no one like Alexis!" Some of Alexis' work includes American Idol, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dancing With The Stars, The Scooby Doo Movie , Pamela Anderson's Pantomime Performance in the United Kingdom, Meet The Barkers and Barb name just a few. Alexis herself has been featured in countless esteemed publications and media such as Los Angeles Times, Elle Magazine, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, JetSet, Playboy, QVC, The Doctors and VH1.

Want to see something new from Alexis? Well your wait is almost over! Alexis is working on bringing her makeup and secrets to you with her newest makeup line, which is set to launch in Spring of 2013. Stay tuned by following Alexis on Facebook or Twitter. The makeup line is entirely focused on giving the every day woman access to professional quality products that typically only celebrities were privy to. Also, you'll have the chance to grab her new book, which will go over all of Alexis's most guarded tips and tricks for the first time.

Alexis also does hair styling, which she has also been praised for. By having the skill and talent to do both, Alexis possesses the power to create and achieve an entire, unforgettable makeover on her clients. She says,"It is a wonderful and magical feeling when I finish, 100% of the time, for both me and the person I am working on."

People who've been lucky enough to have Alexis do their makeup have said she has the hands of an angel. She also has the hands and the eyes of an awesome artist. Harper's Bazaar magazine called her "The Svengali-like" makeup artist credited with giving Pam Anderson her trademark sex-kitten look.

Alexis & Pamela Anderson in
the LA Times Style Section
(Click image to read the article)

Alexis & Leah Remini

"The future belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Everyone has beauty.
Sometimes they just don’t know how to bring it out. Makeup can help you unleash those qualities."
- Alexis Vogel

Alexis & Camille Grammer

Alexis & Pamela Anderson

Alexis & Mr./Mrs. Donald Trump

Alexis & Jay Leno

Alexis & Kara Kardashian

Alexis was born for this business. She was born at a hospital on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. If that isn’t a sign, what is?

As a child she was obsessed with sitting in front of her drawing board and painting her days away. With a father who was a magnificent oil painter and a Mother that won countless beauty contests, she had no choice but to absorb all of the art and beauty that surrounded her from a very young age.

At the age of three her family moved to the country where another one of her passions was discovered. Riding and raising horses. Alexis became one of the top National Champion Horseback Riders, not only in English Jumping, but Western too. She won over 500 Championships and 1st Place Trophies, as well as a National Championship Gold Medal. She made the Olympic Equestrian team in 1975.

Alexis & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Shakira & Alexis

Pick up your own copy at
Alexis Vogel: Make-Up Artist To The Stars

Click to read the Interview

Banner of model Dana Hamm & Alexis for new Official Makeup Line
(Launching early Summer 2013)

Aretha Franklin & Alexis

Alexis & Jack Nicholson
How did Alexis get her start? She studied makeup at the Joe Blasco Makeup Academy, in Hollywood, the best school in the world for makeup. She also attended UCLA to become an Emergency Medical Technician. By the time she graduated from the Academy, she was already a full-fledged working makeup artist, and the rest is history. She has been working ever since.

Oh, by the way, have you ever seen or heard of a little Emmy nominated FOX TV show called American Idol? Well, if you have, then you are most likely already a fan of Alexis's work. The magazine cover to the left is an example of some of the work Alexis has done on American Idol. Alexis directed all makeup for the hit television show, American Idol. She and her handpicked team created “the looks” for the entire cast of this blockbuster show, including the host and judges. In fact, Alexis treated one of the judges, Paula Abdul, to a delicious glamour-girl makeover for the show. Alexis also created a soft, fresh look for the contestants to emphasize their individual personalities and youth. But as the competition intensified, Alexis intensified the looks of the finalists, including Kelly Clarkson, with a stronger, sexier palette that developed each contestant's look into a unique “signature style.” In addition, Alexis gave contestants the confidence to go out on stage knowing they looked their very best.

Alexis & Randy Jackson

"American Idol" Judges

“American Idol contestant Kelly Clarkson started the competition as the girl next door. But with a little help from the show's key makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, Kelly … snagged a … look to match her powerhouse voice.”
- Star

Ryan Seacrest & Alexis

Want to see some new work by Alexis? Well your wait is over!

One of the newest, and exciting, projects Alexis has been working on is Pamela Anderson's much anticipated new FOX show STACKED. (Visit blog Alexis created on Friendster by clicking here.)The premiere episode aired on FOX right after American Idol on Wednesday, April 13th at 8:30/7:30C. Alexis is both Pamela's makeup artist and hair stylist for this television show.
Visit the STACKED blog here.

Also, look for both Alexis and her work on the new MTV series MEET THE BARKERS, airing Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT, staring Blink 182's Travis Barker and his new wife Shanna Moakler. Not only is Alexis doing the makeup for this show, she will have on screen appearances in a few episodes. Keep your eyes peeled.

"Maybe you'll never make the Grammy Awards. Maybe you'll never make a movie or a magazine cover. But you can still 'star' in your own life. The secret is bringing out your own natural beauty. Because when you do, you bring out more than just good looks. You bring out your own natural confidence, too. I've dedicated my career to giving clients 'star-quality' confidence."
- Alexis

Damian and Pamela Anderson from
Dancing with the Stars & Alexis

Pamela on the set of "Stacked"

"Meet the Barkers" Travis & Shanna

Alexis & Carmen Electra

Jerry Springer & Alexis

Gilles Marini & Alexis

Downtown Julie Brown & Alexis

Howard Stern & Alexis

Alexis & Fabio

Sir Richard Branson & Alexis

Ricki Lake & Alexis
Michelle Visage from RuPaul Drag Race & Alexis
Michelle Visage & Alexis

Kate Flannery from the Office with Alexis & Team

Alexis &
Courtney Hansen

Celeb Photographer
Alan Mercer & Alexis

Shannon Tweed and Alexis

"No celebrity worth her salt would be caught dead without her glam squad - arguably the most crucial branch of the celebrity entourage. Do you have a wedding or special event coming up? Are you in need of your own glam squad? Alexis Vogel can help! Just check out www.makeupbyalexis,com. Alexis is the makeup artist to the stars and she'll use her signature style to make you up - just like a star!"
- Little Black Book: Insane Celebrity Entourages

Alexis was "Playboy Magazine's Secret Weapon*" for over a decade. As the Head Makeup Artist she has done it all. Makeup, hair, clothing, styling, entire makeovers that leave people, and the subjects breathless. She's done the makeup for more covers and centerfolds than anyone else, including Pamela Anderson, Katarina Witt, Caprice, Chyna and countless others. Alexis truly enjoys her work.

The fashion and magazine world covets Alexis too. She's done makeup for hundreds of covers, including Rolling Stone and Cigar Aficionado. Faces she's made up make up an elite list which includes: Linda Evangelista, Sharon Stone, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Claudia Schiffer, Rosie O'Donnell, Anna Nicole Smith, Nancy Sinatra, "Downtown" Julie Brown, Denzel Washington, Michael Richards..too many to list here (but there is a more complete list on this here).

Besides creating glamour makeovers, Alexis has had an interesting range of business experiences. She was the Assistant Manager of Designer Sportswear at Bullocks Wilshire, has facilitated seminars and demonstrations at Joe Blasco Makeup Academy and The Oaks Health & Beauty Retreat and was an Executive Secretary at both American Television Syndication/In Production, Inc. and Quinn Martin Productions.

"See this face, Alexis. You did it!
I Love you."

- Nancy Sinatra

Avril Lavigne & Pam Anderson

Alexis & Gwen Stefani

Alexis & Nancy Sinatra

Alexis & Kanye West

Alexis & Nip Tuck's Kelly Carlson

Alexis & Paula Abdul

Hugh Hefner & Alexis
"Being a woman, I think it's fun to be able to enhance your looks, and for me, it just makes me feel better about myself... you haven't had your makeup done unless you've had it done by Alexis."
- Paula Abdul

Besides her EMT training, Alexis draws on her early experience as an Emergency Room Nursing Assistant to reach out to patients who have undergone plastic or reconstructive surgery. Through her gentle approach and proven makeup techniques, Alexis helps these patients learn how to recover their looks and their confidence. Alexis has had much experience and great success working with clients that would benefit from the ability to improve their appearance following plastic or corrective surgery with an emphasis on a self-maintenance program (post-surgical makeovers).

She has received recommendations from doctors who sing her praises in this area. Dr. Walter Tietz, a Psychiatrist, wrote in a recommendation letter, "Alexis is a very sensitive, capable and professional makeup artist who can effectively deal with any child, adolescent or adult in need of improving his or her self-image," Dr. J.C. Nemetz, a top Plastic Surgeon and author on the subject, said "she has been helpful in alleviating some of the postoperative depression by adding a better look to the patient" and Dr. B. Noal Robinson, an ER doctor, called her "bright, astute and capable in all of the activities that she was involved with."

Jenna Jameson & Alexis

Lost's Michael Emerson & Alexis

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*As quoted by the television show "Extra!"

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